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Quick Tan: future song covers

I’m this frustrated singer.

Please bear with me. *serious face* I’ve long dreamed of making my own version of awesome songs from awesome artists.

I’ve been planning of making a cover of Gone Too Soon by Simple Plan (dedicated to my mom)  but heh, I’ve lost my voice just yesterday. What a drag! Anyways, looking at it on a positive note (yes, like musical notes, ha-ha),  this gave me enough time to warn you. You can still take your time, go get ready and buy some earplugs. \m/

NOTE: This is a new portion of my blog. Sometimes, in your busy days, all you have is a teeny-weeny amount of time to make/read posts. So, I’m compressing some of my musings into Quick Tans to kinda help saving you the time you need for other more important stuff. ;3 Don’t worry, they may be shorter but they will still get you sun kissed!

P.S. To every one who subscribed just yesterday: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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