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An Ideal Friend

For many, the perfect friend would be someone who you can tell everything to, who will listen to you every time, who will be available whenever you need him/her, who would stand up with you even when the whole world is against you, who will pick you up whenever you are down, who will celebrate with you whenever you are up and who, most importantly will accept you for who you are.

Not for me.

An ideal friend is someone who has a different point of view, who would listen to me every time but would tell me what she thinks afterwards, who will tell you that he/she also has a life to attend to and will break his/her schedule only if it is really important, who would slap me in the face if I am totally wrong and tell me why others also think so, who will go to McDonald’s or Dairy Queen with me (not minding her diet) when I’m down, who will celebrate ordinary days with me, and most importantly may not accept every flaw I have but still stays because the friendship itself is important.

Friends are someone who have a totally different brain from another person or group of people but still manages to click and stay with each other through ups and downs. They wouldn’t tolerate you if you’ve done anything wrong but would do so with compassion. They may hurt you but they only would if it is for your own good. They would find time on their busy schedule just to talk to you but they wouldn’t compromise something really important to them if you are just playing around. They have their own goals and know the importance of their own lives.

A relationship needs truth to work out. It needs two or more different persons with sanity enough for them not to lose themselves in the process of getting in touch with other people. I don’t need someone who will always say yes to everything; I need someone who will speak the truth for me in everything. What is a friend if you expect him/her to act like a robot anyways? What is the essence of human contact if all you are looking for is comfort in everything? How would you grow in a hedonistic friendship in this imperfect world? A scar from a friend is more acceptable than words of comfort from an enemy hiding in sheep’s clothing.

What are you looking for in a friend?


P.S.I’ve posted my cover on Gone Too soon by Simple Plan for my Mum. You can listen to it by clicking this.

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Today is Tuesday

Whatever. What’s so special about today anyways?

It’s almost evening and I can read/hear rants of people everywhere:
Today is just a normal Tuesday.
It’s Valentine’s and I ain’t got no boo.
Happy Independence day, everyone! Cheers to all the single ladies!
I’ve been dating with my studies.
That awkward moment when you rode a train full of lovers and you are alone.
Happy Halloween!

Why are people like that? Why so bitter on a day like this Tuesday? C’mon! Today isn’t just about couples. Today is a celebration of love. Love doesn’t just come from having a romantic partner around every Valentine’s. True love can be found in the family, true friends, and pets.

True love can be expressed in a lot of ways, it’s not about receiving chocolates, flowers, and gifts. You can share how you love a person through hugs, letters, kisses ( not necessarily on the lips, can be on the cheek, or on the forehead), or simply by just telling them sincerely that you love them.

Love warms the heart and it’s a such a wonderful feeling. Loving someone doesn’t mean that the other has to love you as much. Love isn’t conceited. Looking for a partner isn’t about searching for someone to take care of you. You yourself can do that! You shouldn’t even be looking for that! It’ll come naturally when it’s the right time to fall. Why rush things when it will only give you heartache? Who even enjoys breakups? 

When the right time comes, you’ll enjoy true love’s magic. You’ll be mesmerized by how you’ll feel because it’s nothing like the ones you felt before. It’s not just about the after-feel once you saw your crush smiling. It’s not about the electricity flowing all over your body whenever you held hands. It’s about sharing the  magic of being a human with a someone not even related to you but you know deep in your heart that your lives are magically intertwined from the start of your existence. It’s like having someone molded and made just for you.

Don’t rush love. It’ll only break your heart.
Don’t feel lonely in a sea of people who’s hugging and kissing and giving each other gifts. It’s a time to enjoy and improve yourself as you get ready for that enchanting moment that you’re finally gonna meet the right one at the right moment. Hey, you must work to be worthy of such an enchanting experience.

Why feel bitter if you are still single today? Look close. Love is all around you. You have a lot out there who cares for you as much as a boo can. People who will be there with you through the good and the bad. Why not celebrate today as a day that marks another year of your awesome lovely life being single, but still having people who loves you truly anyway?

For those couples enjoying today’s festivities, enjoy your sunrise to sunset! Make every moment memorable not just today, but share your love every. single. day.

May love be around us all today. Happy St. Valentine’s day! (yes, it’s not Independence day, or Halloween, LOL)


feeling warmth in the cold

The coldest months of the year kicked in but still, warmth surrounds me.

At times, it feels like I’ve all been drained down and all I want is to quit all of this. I sometimes feel like the loser of the whole existense of men here on Earth. Crying is women’s most intense sort of expression but tears are often misunderstood so crying alone can be my greatest resort from all those stress.


Even though I feel alone at times, I’ve got this group of people who believes that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and that my biggest problem is other’s less serious dilemma. With TRUE friends, honesty, hugs and lots of true love are shared and so, a different kind of warmth radiates within you in the coldest times.

That is the warmth of the heart. ❤

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