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Shining a light on the shadows

From the silent voice of my introverted self: People who see me for the first time frequently think that I’m some smart, classy, over the top, unreachable person who has never got her stomach aching from laughing too much. It’s like I’m some sort of a mannequin with no emotions at all: just some pretty smiling face with blank eyes and high etiquette standards. Think again.

How can people judge so quickly just by seeing just a bit of someone? How can we say something about someone just by a mere photograph? How can we get away with such big prejudices?

People are complicated to study about. We know that one person changes from time to time. We don’t even need a special day such as the New Year to start being a new, better me. Last December 27th, my younger sister, Tintin and I had this conversation:

Tintin: Have you decided what your new year’s resolution will be?
Me: Nope, why? Have you decided yours?
Tintin: I promise to take a bath everyday.
Me: Hey, why then haven’t you taken your bath today?
Tintin: It will have to do it next year, it’s not called new year’s resolution for nothing.

Why delay something if you know you can do it now? It was five days away from January 1st then but why did she have to delay taking a bath every single day till the next year? Is that being logical or being plain lazy, or both?

Even a split second can change a person entirely. Everyone is in a constant day-to-day update of personalty and habits even though there are some unchangeable stuff, depending on the person, such as principles.

Most of the times, we are too caught up in what our culture and traditions dictates us to do but haven’t you think that if everyone of us is special, then there are no special people at all? All are just plain cliche specials. How ordinary can a special being be then! To say that something is extraordinary, it should have something extra in it, like for an instance a cherry on top of an ice cream scoop, or a cup of hot choco from pure cocoa, or a shoe with personalized details. You’ll read something more detailed about this in the future.

So, how can we just judge someone just by a glimpse of him/her? You should know his/her story, get in touch with that person to really be quite accurate. Shallow bodies of water make more noise than a deeper one. We humans must be rational, use logic, study more, embrace our own ignorance. We are not the highest form of animal for nothing.

As for how I really am, I enjoy long walks, personal talks, small group parties, and art. Just because someone does not talk that much the first time you met doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t like you. It’s just a matter of giving more time to it. Not everyone is an open book. If you give more time to something, you might be surprised at what wonders you’ll see that is reserved only for the special few who received it. Introversion can be a good thing, after all.

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