walkin' on sunshine

whoa~! v(^u^)v


Sunny evening

This morning, I feel genuinely lucky waking up on a sunny day, drinking a crystal-clear glass of water, breathing clean air, and having my clothes clean so easy. Well, not everyone is this lucky. Life is so easy (or so much easier compared to others).


Many are always complaining about what doesn’t work. We can see very well that tiny red dot of ink on the pure white piece of cloth, but not realize how clean majority of it still is. It’s more easy focusing on what’s wrong.

Heavy Traffic at Buenos Aires (pano)

On times, traffic may be really heavy that you want to scream, “I am late for this important event even though I woke up so early not to.” Have you asked why is it so? There may be a road accident somewhere near but have you took time to rejoice that you aren’t hurt, that you are still breathing, that it can easily be you who got injured or died? You are lucky, you just didn’t realize it. Every thing, even the smallest one contribute to a cause-effect system we live in. There are incidences when the big surprising things are hidden in the smallest of things we can’t see.

I take this time to thank God, or this bigger Persona that keeps me breathing. I take this time to pause and be glad even with the tiniest details.  I take this time to appreciate life and how precious it is. It is pure luck that I got born instead of another one, considering millions of other probabilities in the first place.

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Nothing in this world is dull. Every thing, even a tiny stone on the side of the road has its own story.

At times, we tend to forget to stop, look at our surroundings, and appreciate its beauty just because we are so busy with our own walks of life. We want to be good in something. We don’t stop to find a meaning, some deeper sense to our lives. What we don’t always realize is that it’s everywhere. The essence of our lives surrounds us, ready to punch us straight to the face just to get our attention.

Do you realize that the time you wake up, you just received the great blessing of a new beginning? You are blessed another 24 hours to live your life and do something.

Smile more and see the sunshine in the midst of life’s storms. Every waking hour and every step you take can lead you to the place you want to be in. Hey, people’s lives, in my own point of view, doesn’t rely on how many things you’ve accomplished but by how you played the rules and by how you journeyed through it.

Since when have you last stopped for a while, took a deep breath, and see things you haven’t noticed before on the places you’ve always been in? Try it. Sometimes, life’s greatest discoveries are surrounding you all the time, you just didn’t pay attention at it that much.

Heya! This is Princessyoko. Sorry for being inactive for some time. Am just taking my small steps and keeping myself busy building up some fragments of my life.
For the time being, I’m excited to update you the soonest. I’ll post about this new organization I got affiliated to recently on my next post.


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