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Dear Future Self

Hey, how are you? How’s life so far? I wonder how you are feeling at the moment you’ll be reading this. I hope you are not viewing this just because you are bored, seriously.

Know what? It’s amazing how this version of me, updated 11:24 PM 27th April 2012, can talk to the same person in the future. Oh, this thing is totally thrilling!

Moving on, whatever situation you are in at the moment you decided to refresh your mind about how the old you thinks right now, whether the sitch be good or bad, I want to tell you what I just realized:

Life is a constant change. You will not be forever stuck there. The good thing about life is variety: hairpins, clothes, bags, shoes, lip colors.

Hey, don’t get me wrong! I just want to illustrate how my favorite pink lipstick shade now will not be your top pick at the moment – just as how your romantic bliss now can give you years worth of tears and regret. Hey, falling in love is great, don’t be restrained by what I just told you. My biggest worries at the moment, I know, will turn out to be one of the funniest jokes ever once I outgrew them.

I may not know what the future has for me but whatever it is, I know that you are in a better place now. Why? ‘Cause I commit to do my best every time and I know that there will come a time when you, Cristina of the future will reap what I’ve sown.

To tell you frankly, I was just bored so I wrote this. Well, after so much tossing and thinking on my bed, trying to ease my wakefulness, I think I’m getting sleepy at last. Anyways, before putting my pencil down, I wanna tell you that I envy you for knowing and growing more than I ever am today in the past. I know, I just have to wait and let time do its wonders so that I’ll be where you’re at and that’s a great relief.

Well, I think I better go to sleep now. It’s nice, really, having a chance to picture talking to you.

Excited to see you on the mirror soon,
, Maria Cristina Corrales Opeda
version 18.2
updated 11:58 PM 27th April 2012


I decided to post it here just in any case I lose the pink paper I managed to see beside my bed that time. ^^’

Future is a thing where there is no assurance. Life has its twists and turns. One split second can change every single thing but one can do their best to at least asure a bright one coming.


Oh, almost forgot to mention that today marks Labor Day. \(^u^)/ Hardworking people totally deserve a day commemorating them.  ごくろうさんマーチ!

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