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Feel better about yourself in six ways

As a person, looking and feeling beautiful is essential. My stress levels rise to infinite levels when I don’t feel comfortable with myself. Let’s face it: We can’t function that well when we feel ugly. Feel that way no more! Here are six steps to feel better about yourself:

  1. Always, always, always try to start your day with a smile. A great day roots back from a great morning. Try to be positive even though every thing’s giving you a reason to frown. Shun the negatives ’cause today is another chance to improve, to change, to laugh, to cry, and to live.
  2. Look in the mirror. Do you see a good person? No? Why then? A lot of times, all we see in ourselves are our insecurities: the bad and the ugly. We get too caught up with what we watch on TV, or what we can see on the ads as what beauty is supposed to be like. We tend to forget that nobody is perfect and that those we always see are mere illusions of improved reality.
  3. Do you know someone beautiful who believes she’s ugly? Sometimes we are deceived by our own inner critique. Accept compliments. It takes an effort to open one’s mouth and actually say it. It must be something really moving for them to do so. Smile and take grace with what others see beautiful in you.
  4. Did someone told you that you’re not good enough? Well, think about it but don’t let it ruin you. As much as you should accept compliments, you should listen to your critics as well. They can give you hints on what you need to improve on. But please, do know that not all are accurate. Sometimes, they are just plain rubbish. Know what to ignore and what to listen to.
  5. Try to be kinder even with small ways.¬†Try to be more patient while waiting on-line. Try to say thank you to the person serving you your meal. Try to smile at the guard upon entering a place. Knowing that you are making someone’s life a teeny bit lighter will boost your inner measure of self’s worth.
  6. Dress to kill. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should follow every single trend. Wear what you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Fashion could be costly but style costs nothing. It doesn’t hurt to know the basics of dressing up and down. As you walk every step of the way, your clothes will make you shine.

For a month now, I’ve been an active member of Mode Pieces, an organization that focusses on events relevant to fashion for everyone. Our org, with the special participation of the Taytay Municipal Govt. will present “Dazzling Catwalk” on 14th October 2012, Sunday at the SM City Taytay Event Center. This fashion show will feature designer creations plus Ready-to-Wear clothes from the garments capital of the country.

Will you wish to attend, drop a comment with your whole name and contact number, or DM me your details @iCollectPencils on Twitter.

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