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4th Anniversary Post(?)

it's been 4 bloody years!

I honestly don’t know if I should write about my 4th year anniversary here in WordPress. It’s not like I actively post stuff.

It all started with a requirement in Business English, an elective I took when I was in high school. Miss Dajalos forced us to post about our lessons on her subject in wp. Being the frustrated writer that I was, I happily complied. My heart nearly exploded when she gave me an A.

After a while, I realized that I could write about various topics other than my lessons. I don’t even know I was blogging. I was so young and immature then, doing something even though I didn’t know what it’s called.

Time passed so fast, I started alwaysasunnyday to celebrate my newfound optimism and deleted the three-year-old princessyoko. Princessyoko had been a nice small place in the web but it didn’t match the new “me”. Now, I regret ever deleting the page. Even though the author of Princessyoko and I may appear so different, it was still me.

Moving on from my regrets, I wanna thank all of my 798 followers (if i still have them) for not giving up on me. I write to express but I also write to serve my readers. You had been my source of inspiration for pursuing writing.

Can you believe it? I reviewed my hit counter and to my surprise, since January 2012, I garnered 12, 345 (such a cute number) views. I always feel sad whenever people ask me about my blog because they always look disappointed at my lack of updates. I feel the same way. Which made me think…

Why not post away? Why not just post anything to let my readers know I’m still breathing?

It’s been four bloody years. I may not be the same pessimist I used to be but I wanted to celebrate this day to commemorate the fast passage of time.

Will I update more? Perhaps. Well of course, yes! Stay tuned for more happy stuff!

– Cristina


Some updates:

  • I’ve started pursuing writing as a career now. It’s hard, yes, but I always have these bunch of people who believe more in myself than I do.
  • I’m out of school for now. I don’t have the guts to tell everybody so, I think it’s best that they read about it. One thing that I wanted to clarify: I love school. And I will be back for sure. A person with the love of discovering new things will never stop to learn in and out of an academic institution, anyways.
  • I’m starting to play the drums, thanks to Alyanna.
  • A couple of things more I can’t tell you about but you’ll read about them soon enough.
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Someday it’s gonna make sense

For the past month, my life had been full of downs. I hate the deadly hot temperature. I hate my skin. I hate my life. I hate myself. How can I write  when all that’s happening to me are making me hate more day after day?

I know, things happen for a reason and that’s the only thing that kept me breathing for the past weeks. When all that life’s giving you are negatives, one must learn how to laugh about it. Finding out what’s still good in your life, knowing that you may not be perfect but are still worth it, are essential. Sometimes, your best enemy can be you yourself and without love and confidence on your whole imperfections/awesomeness, it’s almost like committing suicide.

We spend long hours of bumpy journeys just to see a paradise long hidden outside the city. Dark times may last long but the good times will surely feel better after.  That’s life’s reality and it’s cool like that.

That’s for now. Fresh posts will be served on Wednesdays in the East or Tuesdays in the West.

Three flying kisses,

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Still in Existence

Hey, everyone! I’m back and still kicking!

I’m sorry it took me a long time to collect my own being. Anyways, thank you for not clicking that unfollow button. Do I still have readers? I hope so. 🙂

Well, at this moment, I’m still into finding my way – the road to be who I am as a real person. It’s hard actually, continuing life with all the mental tantrums only I know about. I’ve been debating with my own thoughts and principles and it sure helped into finding out who I actually am and who I totally want to become. A lot of great things happened in that span of the month I’ve been invisible and I want to thank those people who helped me in recollecting my broken soul.

Sorry for the drama, really. ^^’

So yeah, let the blogging continue! Virtual hugs to y’all!

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Dear people of Earth

I’ve got really sad about not being active on my primary blog and considered quitting it. What a shame. I really love blogging but then, I’ve always run out of time to do it regularly until I completely neglected it.

Then today came and I thought about revisiting my blog and it’s kinda uncomfortable to see something you’ve started and never managed to maintain.

so, yea. here’s for starting anew. hope that this time, I do it right.

Princess Yoko