walkin' on sunshine

whoa~! v(^u^)v

girl from the tropics

Thanks for dropping by my space in this web.

I, Maria, am a more-or-less normal kind of person.  I eat books. When inspired, I paint a scenes with either words or acrylic paint. I laugh like there’s no more tomorrow coming. I cry out just to ease the pain and move on. I feel emotions ’cause that’s what I’m programmed to feel. I may not be perfect but hey, nobody is.

I’m soo inlove with McDonald’s’ Fries dipped with tons of Heinz ketchup, dressing up as if I’m going to meet Prince Charming every single day, singing songs as if nobody’s watching, reading dreamy books, artistic trash talking, etc.

I’m not here to be popular. I’m here to express, make people see the brighter side of life and learn not only to walk under sunshine but to dance in the midst of a storm as well.

For collaboration and inquiries, send them to mariacristinaopeda@gmail.com. For random short optimistic thoughts daily, you can  follow me @iCollectPencils on Twitter.

Three flying kisses,


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