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Goal 1: Cleaner Environment

on 23 January 2016

Do you have those days when you are just so fed up of being fed up?

I have delayed a lot of tasks I needed to do, that, I can admit that I did all too well. There are days when I am just in autopilot, thinking that everything jwill still be the same tomorrow. No, it wasn’t, isn’t, and wouldn’t.

I will never be able to make a positive change if I will not start with the place I start and end my night in – my bedroom. 

I’ve been too caught up with unnecessary things, focusing on stuff that will give me temporary happiness – food, sleep, makeup, daydreams (without actions), and reading feeds of people arguing about small stuff on the comments section on Facebook. I can do so much more.

I feel super tired. I need to change. I’ll start with my room. I’ll clean up 30 minutes a day for one week and see how it will make a difference. I no longer believe in overnight changes, I know that I’ve got to focus on this one gradually first, then work on another goal next week.

Let’s see how it will go!



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