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On Promises

on 30 August 2015

It is so frustrating when someone doesn’t keep their promises. You see, it is a matter of trust and integrity. Big or small, once said, those words can never be taken back.

The future is uncertain, but why do we even commit ourselves into something we are unable to accomplish?

I have been a victim of empty promises. Everybody else is. All the more, we have to also acknowledge the fact that are all promise breakers at some point.

  • Remember that work contact you signed? Remember how it made you excited to work and start anew? Then why are constantly coming into work late?
  • Remember that friend you vowed to spend more time with? Then why are you still planning the same holiday you were planning together since last year?
  • Remember that person you promised to spend your lifetime with? Where are you now?
  • Remember that promise you made with your family that no one gets left behind? Then why are you not talking to each other?

I guess, it is a matter of principle. People make promises with all the good intentions, but only people with integrity keep them. No one commits with the plan of breaking them, but when things get difficult, we all have the choice to either be true to our word or run towards the escape route.

The ball is on your side of the court now. Think about it. Why did you promise in the first place? Whatever it is, I hope that you will be happy with the outcome.

All the best.

– Cristina
Sunday, 30 August 2015


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