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Diamonds, Stars, Graphite and Us

on 30 January 2013


Diamonds are originally coal deposits underground. Coals are soft, brittle and fragile but having undergone a lot of heat and pressure, it slowly evolved into the second hardest stone on Earth, diamonds.

We may feel a lot of pain and confusion at certain points in our lives that we may consider giving it all up but look at those shiny, clear and beautiful jewels considered as the Girl’s Best Friend. They are sourced out of dark dirty things, undergone the toughest of times but eventually ended up into something magnificent, pure and precious.

As a child, I used to be silent and cried about almost anything. Maybe because all is served to me, there is nothing I can’t get in exchange for some tears. Then my mother died. We suffered financially because she is the one who’s running our family business. I lost my perfect life with my perfect friends. It was so frustrating. Back then, I don’t know if I am crying because I miss my mother, or because I miss my “perfect” life.

I transferred to a public school. I hated it at first, given all my prejudices. Then, I met a girl named Sarah. She is so adorable, funny and expressive. We jived together even though our personalities are miles apart. I learned to be more expressive, to give full efforts than to cry on what I can’t have, to expand my horizons by having real conversations with people, and to be genuine. After losing my life jacket, I was introduced into what real world is. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, braver, bolder, better.

In this 10-second exposure photo, facing south...

Stars shine so bright in the night sky. Even though light pollution might hinder our human eyes to see them, they are still there illuminating and inspiring those in the dark. They are not just beautiful to look at. The Sun is a yellow star and it sustains us with its light and warmth but that’s not all – it even makes us feel happier. Who even enjoys dark heavy rains? It is a possibility but not considered a norm. Well, I enjoy dancing in the middle of the rain if that considered as a weird act.

Want to know a secret? When all stars die after having fully consumed its burning essence, they explode, showering humongous areas with stardust. Stardust is composed of carbons. Diamonds are of pure carbon particles, even us humans are of the same element (directly from stardust). Diamonds are not our best friend – we really are diamonds in the sky literally and figuratively.

Every part of our body is an after-product of a celestial jewel, we all have the potential of being someone special. We don’t need Pixie Dust to be able to do something great because we ourselves are of Stardust. We don’t have to try so hard and wait for some fairy godmother to wave her wand and make our lives better. We don’t need extra magic in our lives because we ourselves are magical.

Aside from diamonds and humans, there is this matter composed of pure carbons, the origin of those precious stones: coal or graphite. Graphite is at the lead of our pencils. They are cheap and ordinary, they even leave dark traces if touched uncovered. What is in graphite then that is so special? Its texture. They are black dirty things that we cover them with wood to keep our hands clean while writing.

coal 2

The average lifespan of humans nowadays is around 70 years. It may appear as long or short a time depending on how you see it. The only question is, “have you left your mark on people you crossed paths with?” We all will die soon but our legacy will continue to spread by words of mouth generations after generations.

Do you vividly remember someone who did a random act of kindness to you? I do.

  1. I remember that moment when it was so rainy and I haven’t brought an umbrella so I ran through the rain. After some time, it stopped raining. It took me a moment to realize that it didn’t, but someone held his umbrella and decided to share it with me.
  2. I remember that moment when I was so sad, I wanted to cry but I am not letting the tears run down because I’m in a public place. Then upon entering a mall, the security guard greeted me with full smiles, a good morning.
  3. I remember that guy who offered me his seat on the train when I was so tired, I can’t even stand straight.
  4. I remember that friend who offered me her arms to squeeze tight and her shoulders to cry on.

How do you want to be remembered? You can be someone special. Have you ever done something extra to be extraordinary? Look at Steve Jobs, a college dropout who started Apple at a small garage. We are directly linked to brilliant wonders. Believe you can shine.

Pixie dust :)


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