walkin' on sunshine

whoa~! v(^u^)v

where you should be

on 27 June 2012

walking, going to somewhere I don’t know

  “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop.”



People want to do great things but don’t manage to accomplish them. Why? ‘Cause they got tired and stopped. Completely. And never returned to the climb. Small steps might require a little effort and mean nothing at a certain time but they can make a great difference in the future. Those efforts when put together, can be summed up and equal to one’s success. Never grow tired of what you love. Your heart will lead you to the right places on the right time. The only thing one should be quitting is their desire to just quit. Or the burdens one keep at the journey.

Stop what you don’t want to do. Continue going to where your heart leads you. It is the place where you should be.


what do you think?

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