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Someday it’s gonna make sense

on 20 June 2012

For the past month, my life had been full of downs. I hate the deadly hot temperature. I hate my skin. I hate my life. I hate myself. How can I write  when all that’s happening to me are making me hate more day after day?

I know, things happen for a reason and that’s the only thing that kept me breathing for the past weeks. When all that life’s giving you are negatives, one must learn how to laugh about it. Finding out what’s still good in your life, knowing that you may not be perfect but are still worth it, are essential. Sometimes, your best enemy can be you yourself and without love and confidence on your whole imperfections/awesomeness, it’s almost like committing suicide.

We spend long hours of bumpy journeys just to see a paradise long hidden outside the city. Dark times may last long but the good times will surely feel better after.  That’s life’s reality and it’s cool like that.

That’s for now. Fresh posts will be served on Wednesdays in the East or Tuesdays in the West.

Three flying kisses,


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