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Hey Summer, you can come a little later

on 18 February 2012

Okay, this morning, as I was taking my shower, I realized that summer is just around the corner and …


WARNING: This post is full of random thoughts and rants.


Good heavens, how I wish that summer would come at least two months from now so that I’ll have enough time to lose some weight. It made me feel kind of sad, looking at my naked reflection in the shower mirror. It’s unfair. The season should have come last October, I got a really nice flat stomach from all those judo sessions me and my friends attended for PE. How am I supposed to go out of the sun, enjoy the beach, if I need to hide those unwanted fats? Why do I have to gain on this season when every one is flaunting their stuff?

Then, this question hit me: how do you know if someone is sexy? Is there even a rule, like some sort of exact definition of sexy?


Then, I remembered this thing Camille, John, and I talked while having dinner last night – what do guys find attracting in a girl. According to them, most of the times (not generally), guys don’t necessarily look at the body of a girl in front of them. First thing they look at is the eyes, next, her hair, then the contour of her neck. Let me share my thoughts:

  1. Eyes. They are the mirror to one’s soul. Even girls look at a guy’s eyes first. I think there is just some mystery in one’s eyes that people can’t even describe. You’ll just understand it. No words, at all.
  2. Hair. Even girls obsess about their hair. A bad hair day, really is stressful to a degree only a girl would understand. It’s not that it’s even connected to the topic, was just saying.
  3. Contour of the neck. Okay, this is just weird. I think only you guys understand why it’s sexy seeing a girl’s neck.

Moving on, we girls can feel really great about our extra curves but girls really takes it seriously when guys call them fat. Believe me, she’ll starve herself just because of that random remark you didn’t say to make her feel down on the dumps. It makes a lot of difference when a member of the opposite sex gave that comment. It will repeat on her mind like a broken record.

It’s really frustrating, really because a girl will always think they are not an inch more beautiful compared to another girl unless, she is really certain she is a goddess. She’s less attractive to another of her kind except to that girl who flirts with her boyfriend or to that girl her recent ex is going out with. All because of your quick remark about her flab, you just certainly told her she’s waaaayyy unacceptable. Hey, we also got low self-esteem. Talk about perfection. We sometimes think you guys are just looking for Barbie-like girly girls.

Some deeper thought, and the nail hit hard. Why am I thinking a hell lot? Why think about what do guys find attractive in a girl, guys worst remark ever – I think you’re kinda fat, girl’s low self-esteem, and more. Why does my gaining weight have to be totally complicated? Genuine hotness can be seen even though one gains weight. It’s all in the eyes. You yourself should believe that every one’s not supposed to be perfect. Hot isn’t solely described as big bosoms, microscopic waist, and an equally big bottom with long, lean legs.  All I was thinking is Barbie and her plastic smile. I was insecure.

tell me, have you noticed my mismatching slippers so sudden?

Always remember this: an outfit is 40% clothes and 60% attitude. You can rock the world’s worst fashion combo ever by just putting confidence and making others  believe that it’s just gorgeous. Believe me, they will follow your lead. I’ve seen a really weird outfit combo on the magazine then, because of the way the magazine presented it as the ‘IT’ fashion of tomorrow, the next thing I know the other week is that every one’s wearing it.

summer lovin' last year

As I said earlier, “S-E-X-Y” is found in the eyes. People can still call you sexy even though you are armed with a lot of fats. You can make people think you are totally hot in the way you carry yourself. Your thoughts will be reflected in your mirror of the soul – your eyes. Your hot vibe will never be a secret. You will just have to believe it yourself first. Just imagine you are that model in the magazine advertising that weird fashion trend. At least, on this case, its more truthful, you really are hot, with or without extra fats.


One response to “Hey Summer, you can come a little later

  1. H says:

    Why, indeed, the neck? Is it because it’s the sign we made it past the first barrier (the hair)? Is it because it’s between the body we hope to hold and the lips we hope to kiss, and the ears we hope to nibble on and whisper into? I have no idea. I know these things: ‘Necking’ as a term for making out only came into American English slang in the early 1900’s, which kind of shows how far we ‘mericans are behind the rest of the world. Like the tribes that use copper tubing to gradually stretch young women’s necks till they’re amazingly long. And long before that, there’s a number of admiring comments about the neck in the Song of Solomon. Perhaps it started with one of the most graceful of birds, the swans, and the way they move their necks.

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