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Silence Screams at Me

on 10 February 2012

People say silence is harmless. It does nothing.


Silence is a loud scream. It is a powerful voice that resonates within us.

Every one has their own share of busy days full of noise that echoes through one’s life:

It’s those days when you’ll sleep at 3am doing tasks then wake up 5am prep up for the next sunrise-to-sunset. Those days were filled with voices of people telling you to do this and that. Days, when you were soo tired of the f*cking traffic that eats your time when it should be allotted to stuff that matters more. You feel restless, took a 30-minute power nap at lunch break. You’ll feel relived, feel energized just by that but still, something somewhere inside you feels restless of this day-to-day life.

If you think you “talk enough” but there still is this void inside you, sometimes, “talking enough” is talking too much. You are just using your vocal chords too much.There were times when all you need is the silent bench on that park near your house. A time to pause, a time to observe, a time to rethink, a time to internalize, a time to appreciate.

at the park, thinking about random stuff

at the park, thinking about random stuff

Have you gone to The Quiet Place? Try it. You’ll surely come back.

“A story is told as much by silence as by speech.”
-Susan Griffin


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