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time to start organizing

on 26 January 2012

C’mon! A lot of people are just like me. >:D

I’m the type of person who cleans my typically cluttered study/work desk just whenever I have the “time” to do it.You can identify that “time” as to when 1.) I can’t find the things I need anymore, or 2.) someone else is gonna come in my room (just imagine the stress it’ll give to the one who’ll see the mess). OTL

Why do we act like that? One thing is that there are soo many things to do besides the boring task of cleaning up one’s tab.” Hey, I’ll see my things anyway. They are just there, er, somewhere there. At least I have a hint where it’s relatively at.”

Know what? Finally, I got tired of always seeing it in such a system that only I, would recognize. Hmm, I understand its elaborate pattern *sigh* almost always. Now, I’m ready to change the habit of arraying things up with no particular logical sequence at all and YES, it feels rockin’ great. \m/

I just realized how your tab can represent how you walk your life. That simple task can mean more that you think it can stand for. If your desk is cluttered like mine, can you observe how it slows you down whenever you are in a hurry and you can’t find the things you know were “there”. One more thing is that aside from cluttered desks, you also have an unorganized bed, school notebook, computer desktop, and bag. Even those things that matter like your schedule, plans, and life are somewhat in a state that needs some order.

Who doesn’t want a waaaay easier life?


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