walkin' on sunshine

whoa~! v(^u^)v

feeling warmth in the cold

on 22 January 2012

The coldest months of the year kicked in but still, warmth surrounds me.

At times, it feels like I’ve all been drained down and all I want is to quit all of this. I sometimes feel like the loser of the whole existense of men here on Earth. Crying is women’s most intense sort of expression but tears are often misunderstood so crying alone can be my greatest resort from all those stress.


Even though I feel alone at times, I’ve got this group of people who believes that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and that my biggest problem is other’s less serious dilemma. With TRUE friends, honesty, hugs and lots of true love are shared and so, a different kind of warmth radiates within you in the coldest times.

That is the warmth of the heart. ❤


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